Lactalium, secret of insiders

Lactalium Vodka originates from Mongolian traditions.
For hundreds of years the Central Asian steppe population has been designing a milk alcohol, the "Simin arkhi", which is sometimes distilled (Arkhy) on special occasions.

The distillery Gimet, installed in the heart of the Gers since 1929, inspired by this technic, created Lactalium Vodka, a singular and gastronomy vodka, made from french montains milk.


Lactalium Vodka is produced from fermented French mountains milk, then distilled in copper stills.
This unique recipe gives Lactalium Vodka special characteristics, so the strength and character of the mountains mingle with the sweetness and purity of the milk.


Accord 5 flavors

Our Lactalium vodka redefines the codes of spirits and makes the link between bartender and chefs. Its round taste and velvet texture make it suitable for tasting and gastronomic alliances.

  • → See diagram
  • → White Russian
  • → Caipiroska
  • → Dry Martini
  • → Bloody Mary
  • → Umami Elexir
  • → Bitter widows
White Russian


6 cl of milk
6 cl of coffee liqueur
6 cl of Vodka Lactalium
Marry well with the dark
chocolate bar



1 cl of lime
1 cl of tablespoon of sugar
6 cl of Vodka Lactalium
Marry well with lemon fish dishes
or pickles and marinades

dry martini


5 drops of vermouth dry
7 cl of Vodka Lactalium
Marry well with cavier or oyster

Bloody mary


12 cl tomato juice
0,5 cl of lime
0.5 cl of worcestershire sauce
2 drops of tabasco sauce
4 cl of Vodka Lactalium
Marry well with the heart of salmon

Umami elexir


5 drops of vermouth dry
4 to 6 drops of truffle oil
4 cl of Vodka Lactalium, infused
overnight with garlic cloves
Marry well with miso soup or sushi

bitter widow


2 cl of vermouth sweet
2 cl of Campari
2 cl of Vodka Lactalium
Ice with orange twist
Combine well with spinach chicken dish
or bitter chocolate cake dessert